Our History

IDG was founded in 2017. The founders are based in Italy and New York Metro area of the United states. IDG brings a great deal of expertise regarding the integration of multiple aspects of brand development in Europe and the United States.The core fundamentals for IDG involve Transformation , innovation, execution, sustainability, strategic partnership, strategic planning, brand planning and expansion, brand investment, funding, partner placement and market analyst . We are the bridge for both US companies and European companies to enter into a market that is foreign to their respective countries.

Who we are

IDG has a flawless reputation, known for our high-calibre professionalism, the high-quality services and impeccable project execution. We help our customers choose the solutions that best fit their corporate needs for business development, we will guide your business through the most complex and sophisticated solutions on capital markets today. Our customers know they can rely on our exemplary professionalism and the qualities for which we have always been known: discretion, restraint, reliability, an ethical approach to business and integrity with customers. We support companies at crucial times of growth with passion, energy and innovative solutions.

WHat are our Values?

Our Team



Giovanni Massetti


Paolo Massetti

Operations Manager

Chiara Dall’Acqua

Brand Manager

ludovica Capodonna Curatolo

Managing Director

Why are we different

We have worked with some amazing companies